Things I've accomplished

So as I'm about to embark on another chapter in my journey, I was greatly instituted by a friend of mine who was awesome enough to share all of her proud moments and achievements throughout the past year or so. It was great to see someone who is not afraid to let their happiness show for all of the hard work they've done. So often we are coerced into thinking that it's improper or rude to show off our achievements. "Oh don't throw that in people's faces. Goodness gracious, you might offend someone, dearest." I say to hell with that. If you've been doing some awesome work, are making your own changes, getting out of your life ruts and not putting up with the everyday mundane and typical whining cries of boring society, then I say shout that out. Show all those nonbelievers and haters the hard truth while they sit back in their easy recliner watching reality shows and nibbling on some nasty junk food that contains more chemicals in it than a cooling plant, which they can't even pronounce in the first place. "I eat it because I like the flavor. And I'm an adult, I can eat whatever I want!" You sure as hell can. You can also tell me how that's going when you have diabates from your poor diet from not giving a shit about your body. Survival of the fittest. There's a little bite of reality for ya. 

Anyways back to business. I get a little carried away there sometimes haha. Ya gotta give me a little nudge while I'm on the soap box from time to time. 

So once you've told the haters how truly awesome they are for being such, and for giving you jus THAT much more motivation to go for it, to be you, and to be freaking awesome, than you can drop them at the side of the road where they'll probably be for a while, while you go on climbing up the mountain. They can watch. That's fine with me. Just sit there. I'm going to put down my marks and shout them out from the summit. 

I've been thinking about this post idea for a couple weeks now so it's great that I'm getting around to writing it. Feels good. I've been on the move so much in the past few years, it's becoming difficult to retrace my steps, but the jist of it started out back in Toledo. My good ole' hometown. What would I do without that place? I sure as hell wouldn't be where I am today, or who I am today, that's for damn sure. Toledo has some sparkle to it hidden underneath the grit and grime. Some subtle bits of awesome people and awesome places that make the place really worthwhile. 

I was in the mindset that I needed to work for myself since I hated the corporate life, and was running some creative work with a few other creative people in town. But I was a bit too caught up in some social aspects, or perhaps the chemical aspects that come along with the type of socializing I was doing. The fast life caught up with me and I wrecked my car. Totalled. Smashed. Written off. I was alive but my soul was not. I knew my ass was grass if I didn't get my head straight and my life sorted. New goals, New drive. Away with the old acquaintances and old habits. While in town, serving up my legal dues, I built up my plans for a revolution. A revolution from myself. Going with this whole idea of change, I sold off everything I owned, and set out to hitchhike and backpack the west coast of the U.S. with my brother. It was a worthy adventure. After half a year we ended up all the way over in Denver. That was my humble abode for a year where I got to incubate and rebuild. 

I met so many good people there, and was quickly realizing that the time spent there was going to be on my new art goals. The push came with losing everything I had stored in a hard drive crash. With none of my past work, I was left with a clean slate. Coming up from nothing is refreshing and dirty. It's motivating and stressful. A little bit of everything there. I rebuilt an entirely new brand, and worked with new connections out in the west. Began making strides on collaborative projects in the form of books with fellow writers who met me through my travel blog from the previous year. We completed an entire photography book while all living in four different countries over the past year using the internet to stay in contact. I came to Denver with nothing, got around on a skateboard as my transport for a while but ultimately worked enough to get a road bike and a four wheel drive. I sure as hell drove that one up to the mountains to snowboard the Rockies with my brothers. I had a studio downtown in the heart of Denver and was bartending at two very well-off bars. Through meeting the clientele there, I was invited to help out an up-and-coming clothing brand as a designer. The brand was run by a group of brothers and awesome guys.

I hosted couchsurfers in the city, I met other local artists, got to see their studio spaces. If I ever go back to Denver, I'll surely be getting back in touch with those artists in order to set up my own studio. I began a new fitness career from a chance meeting with a trainer at a gym. We set up routines and helped each other out and I put on a solid 10 pounds of lean muscle. Having the partner is crucial for motivation and accountability. The food you eat is everything though, when you're on a workout regiment with fitness goals. You're not on a diet! It's a way of eating for life, depending on your current goals. I rekindled my musical career through lessons with an awesome artist in that city. We even performed together in a jazz club downtown on the famous 16th Street Mall. I'll maintain contact with him as I continue to build up my music and pursuit my new funk project. A now, close friend, hired me when I first got to Denver, had no money and no recent work history. But she gave me a chance and I couldn't be more grateful. Kristin, you are beautiful for that. She even gave me the wonderful opportunity to look after her gorgeous two year daughter. I'd do anything for those two girls. They're awesome. She was a huge inspiration for my current travels and such a mentor for my life. 

I sold off all of my possessions once again, ridding myself of everything I had collected while in Denver for that year. The studio apartment I was in downtown was in a building that sold to the art museum. With all tenants moving out, I decided this was a perfect time for me to continue my travels and further my artist brand. I got a visa and a plane ticket to Australia. The money saved from bartending would cover my expenses over the next year or so of traveling while I work on my new portfolio out here and continue my writing/music. I've bought a car in a foreign country, drove it on the opposite side of the road from America's right-sided ways, traveled the west coast of Australia. Driven all the way across to Darwin. Bartended at a famous horse race there. Sold the car and said goodbye to some amazing travel mates and friends. I've reached the east coast and will now be heading out to sea to sail on a couchsurfer's boat I helped fix up for a solid month, learning the ways of sailing and navigating the seas and sheltered islands amongst the Great Barrier Reef. We'll go where commercial vessels cannot and live in paradise. We'll land and I'll continue my travels south down the east coast where I'll set myself for a while to push the portfolio, continue the music practice, surf at some of the finest beaches in Australia and network with other local artists while bartending in the city. From there I'll head to New Zealand to visit long lost family I contacted via a letter, to stay in one of the most famous surf towns in this area. Much surfing to be had there. 

This past couple of years have been a massive whirlwind of change, with much more coming up. It's difficult to comprehend and keep up with at times, add I lean so much out on the road. It's life though. To the extreme. I'm living it like many do not. I'm living it how I please. I could give two shits about sitting at home to follow a season of some lame reality show that's all the rage this fall. Eff that. My next adventure is going to be back in the states for all of you wondering. I'm going to be going back to school again for another bachelor's. This time I'll be studying music, specifically with my saxophone. See me on stage under the lights. In addition, I'm going to be taking my road bike down the west coast, and perhaps across the great U.S. of A. Enjoy your lazy couch time. I'll do me. Later haters.