Gold Coast, QLD.

Update for everyone. Well, a bit of a major one in terms of careers. I am soon going to be leaving Gold Coast, the place I have come to call home for the past 7 months. It's been hectic, fast-paced, arduous and beyond exhilarating. Everyday was different and new here, though at times work could be a bit of a burnout. Hospitality work always is. But I have kept up some design work and will be releasing a new book soon with the help of my fellow collaborators in True North House Publishing.

Alexander Johnny Beat, the brand, is going to be taking a drastic turn in career change as I set down photography and art, not completely, but in priority. I am shifting gears into my true passion, which has always been since first picking it up seriously at age 12, music. 

I am heading out from my Queensland home here to travel for a while longer over in New Zealand. It's going to be an insane trip, full of surfing some of the finest swell south of the hemisphere, exploring volcanoes, sifting through natural hot springs, skydiving over glaciers, visiting long lost relatives and driving a campervan/freedom camping throughout the whole journey. I hope you'll get to see some of the journey and experience with me through the photos and video to come. 

I'll see you in the U.S.A.
In the meantime, a few photos as a sort of salute to this gorgeous land.