Enough. Mindfulness through everyday activity. An event by TheCaliforniaProject and Brent Haas.

I recently had an old friend approach me to help promote and prepare for his event that was held this past October up in San Francisco (well actually north of SF a bit). We have postcards and signage using the branding I put together for the event, and you can view the photos from the event below. Photos by Marcy Malloy and Brent Haas.


I hope you are all happy and well. I'm trying my damnedest to make things work out here in my new California home, and will be pressing that vibe even more so with adapting to my new move to the coast a month and a half ago. It's a different world out here. Especially compared to Australia. 

"Enough" was created by TheCaliforniaProject, Brent Haas' new brand. You can view the upcoming website here: thecaliforniaproject.com. TheCaliforniaProject branding by New York's Ceft and Company