My work to be shown in AIGA Toledo's newest gallery exhibit, Sit&Tell, Tomorrow!

I was accepted to take part in AIGA Toledo's newest gallery exhibit, Sit&Tell, back in March and the work is going on display at my alma mater, Bowling Green State University in the Wolfe Center for the Arts lobby! 

Exciting news and here is another sneak peek of my piece that was accepted. The cool thing is, the entries were designed specifically for, and will be, displayed on actual chairs! The exhibit opens tomorrow, Tuesday the 14th at 7 p.m EST! If you're in that neck of the woods, go check it out. 

You can follow the Instagram account as they introduce different chairs each day, starting tomorrow, and the show will continue on a rolling exhibition through the Greater Toledo area at the locations listed on the Sit&Tell website and shown below. Follow the news on Facebook as well. 



June 18–July 2, 2016. National Museum of the Great Lakes. 1701 Front St.

July 2–July 16, 2016. Collingwood Arts Center. 2413 Collingwood Blvd.

July 16–July 30, 2016. Sofia Quintero Arts & Cultural Center. 1225 Broadway St.

July 30–Aug 13, 2016. Toledo Public Library. 325 Michigan St.

Aug 13–Aug 27, 2016. Ohio Theater. 3114 Lagrange St.

Aug 27–Sep 2, 2016. Seed Coworking. 25 S. Saint Clair St.

Sep 2–Sep 17, 2016. Frederick Douglass Community Center. 1001 Indiana Ave.