AIGA announces upcoming art project in partnership with The Arts Commission and MTS Seating

Hey everyone. I wanted to shoot out a quick news flash that AIGA announced a brand new project, The Sit&Tell Project recently for the Toledo, Ohio area, which I am honored to say I have been cordially invited and accepted by the jurors to take part in this coming spring/summer. 

Judging by the names and messages I've seen spread around social media following the acceptance notifications, I am happy to be amongst amazing talent and awesome designers/artists from my previous home. I'm excited to present with all of you. 

The project is all about storytelling, and the idea of sitting down with others to share those stories. The stories, all about strong women in our lives, will be transformed visually into works of art present on, not canvas, but on chairs. Looking forward to this opportunity. 

You can find more information on the AIGA Sit&Tell Project website

Alexander Johnny Beat