Enough. Mindfulness through everyday activity. An event by TheCaliforniaProject and Brent Haas.

I recently had an old friend approach me to help promote and prepare for his event that was held this past October up in San Francisco (well actually north of SF a bit). We have postcards and signage using the branding I put together for the event, and you can view the photos from the event below. Photos by Marcy Malloy and Brent Haas.


I hope you are all happy and well. I'm trying my damnedest to make things work out here in my new California home, and will be pressing that vibe even more so with adapting to my new move to the coast a month and a half ago. It's a different world out here. Especially compared to Australia. 

"Enough" was created by TheCaliforniaProject, Brent Haas' new brand. You can view the upcoming website here: thecaliforniaproject.com. TheCaliforniaProject branding by New York's Ceft and Company


Artist Taryn Schlebusch overcomes loss, depression and hardship to give life new meaning in the newest book from True North House Publishing.

Guys and girls, it has been some time, and by some I meant a lot of time, since we had any new updates come out. I'd like to briefly take a moment of your time to point out one of the newest projects to date, that has been in progress for the past year now, since I was in Australia. In doing so, I would also like to highlight the fact that this project gave me the opportunity to work with an awesome group of women, for the second time around. But different to last time, our newest member

Team True North House's newest book was released on August 11th, in memory of one of the greats, Robin Williams. This book release is in respect to him and everyone else out there in the world who is or has at one point in their life, struggled with some form of self-doubt, emotional and mental struggle, depression, and hard times in life. We've all come across these moments, but it's important to know how to reach out and help each other. Let's not forget that. This book is a story, told through original poetry, of one woman's battle with these relative ideas and how she has overcome struggle and loss, to arrive at acceptance and find new meaning in what was such a dark time in life. I've had the wonderful opportunity to work with her, Taryn Schlebusch, ever since our initial interview, done online, connecting us from Australia to South Africa. Her stories have given me new strength and meaning to the ideas of life and living. 

Thank you Taryn. 

The book is published online through Lulu.com and will soon be available at Barnes and Noble as well. Click the image to view it at Lulu.

The book is published online through Lulu.com and will soon be available at Barnes and Noble as well. Click the image to view it at Lulu.


Gold Coast, QLD.

Update for everyone. Well, a bit of a major one in terms of careers. I am soon going to be leaving Gold Coast, the place I have come to call home for the past 7 months. It's been hectic, fast-paced, arduous and beyond exhilarating. Everyday was different and new here, though at times work could be a bit of a burnout. Hospitality work always is. But I have kept up some design work and will be releasing a new book soon with the help of my fellow collaborators in True North House Publishing.

Alexander Johnny Beat, the brand, is going to be taking a drastic turn in career change as I set down photography and art, not completely, but in priority. I am shifting gears into my true passion, which has always been since first picking it up seriously at age 12, music. 

I am heading out from my Queensland home here to travel for a while longer over in New Zealand. It's going to be an insane trip, full of surfing some of the finest swell south of the hemisphere, exploring volcanoes, sifting through natural hot springs, skydiving over glaciers, visiting long lost relatives and driving a campervan/freedom camping throughout the whole journey. I hope you'll get to see some of the journey and experience with me through the photos and video to come. 

I'll see you in the U.S.A.
In the meantime, a few photos as a sort of salute to this gorgeous land. 


New biz cards have arrived. Get one with your postcard project package.

New business cards with the Beat name all over them. That's alllll that matters of course. For all you U.S. folk, the cards have my Oz number on them, but no worries you can figure out another way to contact me if you don't want to get international charges. It's the 21st century. 

These will be getting sent out with some of the awesome prints you see above as well, as part of my Postcard Project packages. You can pick up one of the packages here

Hope y'all are excited to get some hand-written letters. I've already written a couple and will be sending them out this week. Cheers everyone and hope you have an excellent holiday season. New video of the new apartment and such coming soon.