Thursday. 8.21.14. Bundy.

1:10 pm Thursday
On the Fram


It's a cloudy day today. Other than that the weather has been real nice. I'm living on the boat now after booking it out of the hostel asap. They treated people like numbers there. Like total Shit. Need to call them and give them a piece of my mind. We are still on the slip. All work is nearing completion. Some more painting all over the hull, installation of a new hatch on the front, top deck and then organizing all of the gear inside once everyone begins moving in this week. It's been nice living on the boat. Different from what I'm used to. This sense of relying on others to contribute and support the living means on the boat is different than my normal M.O. of working on my own and getting by without much support. This trip is similar to the road trip but on a much more closed-off level. We are not constantly moving to new areas just yet. One girl, Signe has arrived and is also staying on the boat so we are at 4 now, with the complete 6 coming in this weekend. It's definitely going to be cozy. I've been sifting through the freelance work that's come up and have mostly tackled it. Final versions will be underway soon for select sculpture. In the meantime, Suzanne had her check up today for her wrist so we'll see how that goes. Not sure if the trip will be set back or not. If it's not, well then the life at sea will commence. I have decided not to pursuit the bar job as I am spending much of my days working the boat for living and an extra week stay on it. Joy. We'll see if I redeem that or not. I've gotten some good money from Larry at his farm and will be going back tomorrow morning for the day since he called me and asked me to come back. Hopefully we aren't shorthanded. Never fun. I am setting my sights on the Gold Coast/Surfers or Byron bay after this. I met a guy who used to manage bars there and in Brissy and he said to let him know when I get back from the boat and he would set me up with a job. Badass. All it takes is talking with people sometimes. So I'm pretty much set to go to work after I'm back in town and will be desperately needing the cash anyways.

All in all it has been a busy past couple of weeks. I am trying to maintain my workouts but they have moved from daily to more every other day as I was doing so many hours at the farm and then worked the boat and freelance. Busy. Been To the gym a couple of times so that was awesome. Definitely not a waste of my money. Will be attempting to maintain daily workouts while it at sea. Very simple routines like before, that I can perform on the deck of the boat such as body weight movements and such. The fitness is really keeping me a sane person, as usual. Without it, my energy levels plummet and I become a lethargic being who lacks any sort of drive or motivation. I urge all of you to look into developing your own fitness routine as a way to bring out the best self you can be. Not for narcissistic reasons, like many attribute to fitness, but as a form of discipline and structure in a life that is often pretty insane. Your body will thank you. Others will thank you for the motivation. Your mind will thank you for its newfound clarity. Your time management will thank you. Your sex life will probably thank you. (Just because you're in a relationship doesn't mean you should just slack off. Your partner will appreciate it. I'm sure. You will thank you. Just sayin'. Along with that, comes a solid eating regiment that should not be called a "diet." That word is WAY to loaded with negative connotation in the American society. More on food and eating for healthy lifestyles later.  

Looking forward to filling you in more soon. 


This is for all the "noobs" out there from a good training friend of mine.

"The gym is the bank, the gainz is the money, and my bicycle is the getaway car. GET ALL THE GAINZ YA CAN AND THEN G T F OUTTA THERE!

other thoughts from training today.. health and wellness are the greatest things you can invest it. it takes only effort and discipline and pays out better than anything else in the world. You get to take it with you wherever you go and enjoy it 24/7. yes, even when sleeping. so get gainz and enjoy your life.

also, people think training is just a body thing. ha, yeah right, noobs. You obviously havent reached the level where the power of your mind and your very soul are challenged. Training will do things to your mind you have never felt before if you can push yourself hard enough.

Go train and feel what the mind and body can really do together. — feeling motivated." -ZR