"The Crew" and I are pumped for being invited to play in the Teamsters Local 399 Classic Car Show event coming up this August 6th. I've played a little music before but this will definitely be my biggest gig on alto saxophone to date! Let's rock.

We'll get to play alongside local bands Desert Dragons, a progressive rock and melodic metal band from Los Angeles and South Pasadena Transit Authority, a group inspired by the sounds of the band Chicago. 

Here's the event on their website: http://www.ht399.org/event/teamsters-local-399-the-basic-crafts-2nd-annual-classic-car-show/

August 6th 12pm - 5pm


Last night's rehearsal at Summit Studios in Pasadena

I've been screwin' around on the saxophone playing with a local crew here in Pasadena the past several months to help myself learn more about the stage, performing and the like. We're doing a little gig coming up for the 4th of July like a backyard bash style. It should be pretty awesome. We've got a rockabilly sound playing the classics. The camera wasn't very good quality but you get the idea. 

I am officially going to college...AGAIN!

Alex Beat here. Wanted to put a few updates out there since my last posting about this month's upcoming art exhibit I am taking part in with AIGA Toledo. See the post here

I am going back to college, AGAIN! I was recently accepted through audition to attend the two year Associates Brass and Woodwinds program at Los Angeles College of Music here in Los Angeles and could not be more excited. I set out to get accepted at this school almost 2 years ago when I was overseas in Australia. Now here I am today, happy to announce I'll be starting this Fall 2016 and through the help of all my past saxophone instructors who inspired me to set my sights high. 

All of the fine print paperwork is done, so all that's left now is to gather up my school supplies and books and head into class this October! Now, with all things in life, you're going to get counter arguments or people with different viewpoints. I've recently had some people question my motives for attending a school to learn music. Why would I pay money to go to this private college when I can simply play music in my room by myself for the next ten years, grinding away in hopes I'll somehow get noticed in this massive sea of Angelinos? They may have a few somewhat valid points like yes, I could save money, or time and effort, but they're being too simple. There's more to this than just going to a school to learn a few notes. Yes I can do that in my own time, and I have. This school isn't about going to learn music like in grade school. I've already done that too. This school is about making it in the industry and about making a name for yourself. If I'm going to learn from some of the best in the industry here in one of the meccas for music then yes I'll pay so I'm not scraping by, reinventing the wheel, trying to catch a gig for the next ten years. Consider it a springboard if you will. It's all about networking and this industry-oriented school HAS it! 

Oh yes, and some new self portrait studies full of disheveled, blank stares into space for your art viewing pleasure you good-looking, selfie-taking, narcissistically lovable a$$holes (said in the most endearing way possible).

20 years. This song still tops the lists of so many on earth.

This week marks the 20 years since "Grace" which contained Jeff's Buckley's song "Hallelujah" was released. 

Every time this song comes on, no matter where I am, I have to stop what I'm doing and sing/hum/whistle along. The song is full of raw emotion and angst. So good in a relatable, this-is-reality kind of way. 

Here's an awesome article about it. 

Always keep doing what you love. 


Friends on the up and up. Toledo, Ohioan Ryan Dunlap's music is something to keep an eye AND and ear out for.

This s/o goes out to a very close friend of mine, a brother who continues to shock everyone with his soul-moving sound and heart-string-tugging lyrics. Not only that, but his story is an amazing one of struggle with health issues and the perseverance to still chase after his dreams. Ladies and gentlemen, Ryan Dunlap from Toledo, Ohio. 

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