Artist Taryn Schlebusch overcomes loss, depression and hardship to give life new meaning in the newest book from True North House Publishing.

Guys and girls, it has been some time, and by some I meant a lot of time, since we had any new updates come out. I'd like to briefly take a moment of your time to point out one of the newest projects to date, that has been in progress for the past year now, since I was in Australia. In doing so, I would also like to highlight the fact that this project gave me the opportunity to work with an awesome group of women, for the second time around. But different to last time, our newest member

Team True North House's newest book was released on August 11th, in memory of one of the greats, Robin Williams. This book release is in respect to him and everyone else out there in the world who is or has at one point in their life, struggled with some form of self-doubt, emotional and mental struggle, depression, and hard times in life. We've all come across these moments, but it's important to know how to reach out and help each other. Let's not forget that. This book is a story, told through original poetry, of one woman's battle with these relative ideas and how she has overcome struggle and loss, to arrive at acceptance and find new meaning in what was such a dark time in life. I've had the wonderful opportunity to work with her, Taryn Schlebusch, ever since our initial interview, done online, connecting us from Australia to South Africa. Her stories have given me new strength and meaning to the ideas of life and living. 

Thank you Taryn. 

The book is published online through and will soon be available at Barnes and Noble as well. Click the image to view it at Lulu.

The book is published online through and will soon be available at Barnes and Noble as well. Click the image to view it at Lulu.


Thank you for the orders

Woo. Orders are starting to come in for the postcards. Thanks everyone. I'll begin getting letters written asap. Moving apartments this week so the initial letter-writing may be delayed a tad. No worries though. All in good time my friends. 

To all my Americans, stay warm up there. Or whichever direction that is in terms of the cosmic universal laws of physics and matter. 


If you have no clue what I am talking about, click the postcard link above. You'll see.

Hand-written letters are awesome.


Made a new friend. I received one of her letters with original poetry in the mail the other day and from one writer to another, I could not have been more excited. It was so awesome to receive a letter at my new, temporary home here in Australia. 

Erin is a gifted poet and amazing writer. I urge you to check out her work. She's an inspiration and her writings of life and the pondering of it, will leave you wanting to keep reading, "just one more poem." She's building quite the fan-base as well, with her new book being worked on to release very soon.

If there is an artist's work out there that you admire, reach out to them and share some ideas. You never know what you'll come up with.