The Magic of Mandela Photo book


Publisher True North House and I worked on this book, The Magic of Mandela by Michelle Wright, with writings by Avril Guthrie. Partnering up with the True North House team, while scattered across different corners of the globe, connected via the internet, we created this gem of a book dedicated to the legacy of Nelson Mandela. Michelle and Avril both being from South Africa, poured their hearts into creating this piece of art. I helped to create their vision by compiling the photos and words into a book layout to cherish Mandela's memory forever. All photos contained within the book are by Michelle Wright.

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"Nelson Mandela is an icon and will go down as one of the greatest men in history. He touched the world with wisdom, forgiveness and love. He continues to inspire those of us who will listen to his words. This book shares his most well known quotes, compiled by Avril Guthrie, as we look at them through the lens of Michelle Wright's camera. They take us on a journey through beautiful South Africa, as they share their love for their country, and the magic of Mandela, with us. As we share this with you, may you be inspired by a life well lived, and changed forever by Madiba's magic, as it touches your life and wakes up that magic and potential in you!"