The Postcard Project will be sending out post cards of original photography prints paired with a short letter hand-written personally for you. It has been dubbed "The Postcard Project." I know, very clever. I was going to go with the name "Milk Steak & Mail" but I'm not so sure I would have gotten any replies. PLEASE ONLY SELECT TO RECEIVE ONE UNDER THE QUANTITY. 

Each work will be unique and will be chosen by yours truly. I will include a brief description of why I chose the specific image for you and what it means to me/why I believe it fits you. I'll most likely include some other wise words or fancy, philosophical talk which many of you will just skim over to get to the juicy bits. And for that I will have to hunt you down and throw tomatoes at you all Spain-style. Try me. Take part in this project purchasing the package to support my ongoing art, with all donations going directly back into the project and future projects to come. 

The photo displayed is just one example of the work I will be sending out and the images will all be printed smaller than letter size, with variations depending on the image. There will be an initial run of about 40 prints so be sure to plan your time accordingly if you want to order. You don't want to be S.O.L. if we run out do you? I thought not. 

I know you want to take part in this.